CAEfatigue VIBRATION by CAEfatigue Ltd.

Frequency Domain Random Response and Fatigue Solver

What is CAEfatigue VIBRATION?

CAEfatigue VIBRATION is a powerful frequency domain random response and fatigue solver that works with random PSDs loads, static (mean) loads, and deterministic loads.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION is a second generation technology developed from the ground up with no reliance on first generation algorithms. Acting as a very efficient vertical application sitting on top of a stress solver this technology significantly reduces file size limitations and analysis run times. CAEfatigue VIBRATION aims to always incorporate the latest available and accepted fatigue methods and techniques such as new cycle counting algorithms, fatigue solver methods, mean stress and other correction techniques, as well as a wide choice of fatigue material specifications.

As input, the process requires a generated stress file (transfer function) from either Altair OptiStruct™, Nastran, Ansys, or Abaqus as well as a set of analysis instructions delivered as in input Control File. As output, several file formats may be generated including Patran Neutral, CSV and H3D. Included in the results set are fatigue life and damage plus several forms of response statistics not currently available from any solver today.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION Overview Video


Advanced Fatigue Capabilities

Advanced fatigue capabilities including Strain-Life are available.

Correlated and Deterministic Loads

CAEfatigue VIBRATION caters to multiple correlated loads and mixed random deterministic loads.

Frequency Domain Generation

Generation of frequency domain PSDs and cross PSDs from time domain signals are offered.

Key Features

Stress Output Formats

CAEfatigue VIBRATION utilizes appropriate stress output formats.

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Vertical Application

Intended to work as a vertical application with all major stress solvers.



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Test Correlation

Checking the response is as per measurements is an important application of this technology.

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