Altair® Embed®

Visual Environment for Embedded Systems

Altair Embed is a proven tool for developing embedded systems by automatically generating code from block diagram models and transferring them to popular controller hardware.

Once you have a working simulation based on a system diagram, you can automatically generate the associated code for your hardware controller and readily test the design using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL).

Altair Embed Overview Video

Why Altair Embed?

From Diagram to Code, Simply

Avoid the tedium (and possible errors) associated with manually writing code for your embedded systems. Instead, automatically generate code directly from your system diagram.

Highly Efficient Code

The auto-generated code runs rapidly and produces high-quality results with no need to hand-code in order to speed up the execution of your code.

Robust, Reliable Process

While the auto-generated code is human-readable, there is no need to manually edit or tweak it because the automated process is dependable. It just works.

Key Features

Tailored for Embedded System Development

Generate efficient and compact ANSI C code for dynamic systems involving scaled, fixed-point operations. Tune parameters and monitor real-time data.

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Block Diagrams and State Diagrams

Simulate dynamic systems including continuous or discrete-time behaviors as well as event-based behaviors.

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No manual coding required. Automatically convert your block diagrams and state diagrams to microcontroller unit (MCU) hardware-ready code.

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Support for Popular Target MCU Hardware

Includes many industrial-strength devices from Texas Instruments as well as popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices.

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Interactive HIL Testing

Run a plant model in Altair Embed on the host computer while controlling algorithm runs in real-time on the target MCU, communicating via a HOTLink.

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Add-ons for Digital Power and Communications

Simulate and generate code for power supply and digital power components and controls. Model end-to-end analog, digital, and mixed-mode communication systems.

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Key Capabilities


Rapid Diagram-to-Code


Connecting to Controller Hardware (Arduino, etc.)


Construct State Diagrams


Drone DC Motor Control HIL


PMSM Sensorless Field Oriented Control HIL

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