Heavy Equipment

In an increasingly global competition, heavy equipment customers demand products to operate safely and perform effectively in harsh environments and under extreme conditions. Heavy industry manufacturers are challenged with numerous product configurations, fatigue and reliability targets, and a goal to maximize payload capacity while meeting aggressive cost targets. Altair helps develope innovative solutions with better fuel consumption, durability, reliability while reducing cost with faster design cycles.

“When deciding on a casting simulation software, there were a number factors: reasonable cost, ease of use and the ability to perform the basic functions that a high price software performs, and Altair [Inspire Cast] met all those criteria.”
– Andy Ceretto, Quality Control Manager, Woodland/Alloy Casting, Inc.

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Product Quality and Durability

Customers in the heavy industry demand machines with service life measured in decades, highest resale value and minimum cost incurred for maintenance. Altair’s CAE driven design approach facilitates designing reliable products of highest quality while still reducing cost and product cycle time. Simulation allows rapid investigation of product performance and countermeasures for improvement.

Weight Reduction

In heavy industry dominated by large casting components light weighting is not only mandated by the limits set in regulatory requirements but also a highly sought after benefit resulting in material cost reduction and payload increase. Altair design optimization is an industry proven technology in the hand of engineer to explore vehicle performance and design products more efficiently.


Altair customers have access to analysis technology able to meet the most demanding specification in ROPS and FOPS events as well as other static, fatigue, kinematic, dynamic and impact loads scenarios meant to assure the integrity of the vehicle and protect its operator. Our comprehensive modeling and visualization software facilitates automation saving time and engineering resources. Our impact is not limited to simulation as we also help customers build and maintain the cost-effective infrastructures required for modern HPC and Cloud environments.

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