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Live System Telemetry and I/O Monitoring

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Mistral is the leading I/O profiling tool for high-performance computing. Mistral monitors I/O, CPU and memory, quickly locating rogue jobs and storage bottlenecks.

Product Overview Videos

Profiling I/O for Genome Pipelines: Sanger Institute Gets Fast, Agile, and Cloud-ready With Mistral and Breeze

According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will get cancer at some point in their lives. Carrying out genome projects to find cures is a necessity, and the Wellcome Sanger Institute is on the front lines of genomic research. The Institute's team needed to make one of their cancer pipelines portable and tune it for cloud deployment. They used Altair Mistral™ to profile the pipeline and look for inefficient I/O patterns and used Altair Breeze™ to profile the containerized workload in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Customer Stories

EDA in the Cloud: Containerization, Migration, and System Telemetry

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly good choice for EDA, but a data-led transformation is needed to take advantage of the flexibility that public compute resources can offer and to maximize performance and cost. Cloud allows an organization to benefit from a clear return on investment that supports innovation and rapid prototyping, provided those advantages are fully exploited. The wins achievable by a well-planned hybrid cloud strategy should see reduced costs both on-premises and in the cloud. The ability to dynamically tune compute and storage resources based on business and application needs is only available in the cloud, and only if the right telemetry and data pipelines are in place to inform infrastructure decisions. In this paper we discuss how to put that plan in place and ensure that key business objectives are met as workflows are adapted and migrated to a new compute environment.

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