Journey to Simulation-driven Design with Litens Automotive

Litens engineers have used simulation for many years to solve challenging engineering problems. Despite investments in simulation tools, methods, and high-performance computing (HPC), achieving up-front simulation-driven design was out of reach. Litens engineers recognized that their ability to solve advanced structural problems was limited by their existing simulation strategy. This webinar explores how Litens overcame these limitations, and their journey to simulation-driven design with Altair.

The following topics will be covered:
-Choice of methods to solve quasi-static structural problems: implicit vs. explicit
-Technical merits and challenges associated with each method and business outcomes
-How Litens engineers leveraged the Altair Unlimited Physical appliance, a turnkey, fully managed HPC cluster utilizing RADIOSS, a high performance explicit dynamic solver
-One engineer’s testimonial about the decisions taken and its impact on their design/development processes, simulation throughput, and overall competitiveness

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