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The Digital Approach to Industrial Machinery Design

The need to design more complex industrial machinery on shorter timelines means that companies ask engineers to do more with far less. Chad Jackson, CEO of Lifecycle Insights, describes the digital approach to industrial machinery design and explains strategies leveraging Simulation, Data Science and High-Performance Computing. He shows how companies creating equipment that increases cycle speed and improves yields in this technical report. The E-Book covers the following topics: - THE DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE OF INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY - ADDRESSING STRUCTURAL STRESS AND STIFFNESS - ARCHITECTING AND VALIDATING SYSTEMS DESIGN - SELECTING THE RIGHT ACTUATION COMPONENTS - MITIGATING VIBRATION AND EXCITATION - PLANNING AND VALIDATING CONTROLS DESIGN - STREAMLINING COMMISSIONING - MONITORING THROUGH FIELD DATA - RECAP AND CONCLUSIONS


Signal Processing with Altair Compose

Signal processing - a signal describing the evolution of a phenomenon and its field of study - is a very effective way to extract useful information from sensors that cannot be measured, improve transmission, storage efficiency, and signal quality. In this e-book we'll describe how signal processing Altair Compose, an all-in-one math tool that provides various functions across different domains, can be used for signal processing in a wide range of applications.


Greenwich Associates on Improving Trading Performance

Greenwich Associates explores how electronic and high frequency trading firms can improve the performance of their trading operations using a new generation of stream processing and real-time data visualization tools.

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